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Thread: For the timid: simulated jam to wet your feet

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    Default For the timid: simulated jam to wet your feet

    I'm not very active here, very streaky. But I appreciate the "just jump in" encouragement the stalwarts share with us beginners.

    If, like me, you are also a cartoon of an uptight music nerd who can read standard notation, but see hieroglyphics in a tab and you'd rather be naked in Times Square than play without a script...

    I offer you this YouTube video of a laid back jam session from, I believe, the period when His Band & the Street Chior was being written. I have been trying to noodle around with this at the end of my practice every day. It's way past my current ability, I often play just the root back and forth from the Eb to Bb, but I'm starting to take chances.

    Maybe this thread will die, or maybe you can add your own links to stuff (especially in different styles, I'm very VanOCentric, want to be inclusive) other scaredy cats can try at home.

    And let's acknowledge up front that this might delay the jump to real jams*, so if you warn against this, I don't want you to think I don't respect that position. I do, but this is the best I can do right now.

    *might not matter if you live in the Yukon, or Trondheim or something, so also consider people geographically rather than psychologically isolated from jumping into a jam session.

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    Default Re: For the timid: simulated jam to wet your feet

    There's also this:

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