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Thread: My debut as a tenor guitar player

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    Default My debut as a tenor guitar player

    Played my electric 4-string (CGDA) in our worship band this morning. Did mostly basic lead-guitar-style stuff, and it wasn't terrible.

    I used a PRS Archon Clean amp sim in the HX Stomp to get the tone I wanted (plus some reverb, compressor, EQ).

    So I am now officially calling myself a tenor guitar player, hah! :-)
    Trinity College TM325 Octave Mandolin (converted to 4-string tenor guitar).
    Eastman MD-605SB, MD-604SB, MD-305, all with Grover 309 tuners.
    Eastwood 4 string electric mandostang, 2x Airline e-mandola (4-string) one strung as an e-OM.
    DSP's: Helix HX Stomp, various Zooms.
    Amps: QSC-K10, DBR-10, THR-10, Sony XB-20.

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    Default Re: My debut as a tenor guitar player

    The terror police are all out eating donuts, so you're safe

    Bet it sounded great.
    Play it like you mean it.

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