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Thread: Top 5 Sam Bush tracks

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    Default Re: Top 5 Sam Bush tracks

    This is an article I wrote some years back. It’s 10 representative tracks. I’d probably change the list a bit now and it probably has errors and omissions. Nonetheless hope you enjoy.
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    Default Re: Top 5 Sam Bush tracks

    Excellent, thanks David!
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    Default Re: Top 5 Sam Bush tracks

    Beserkeley is an extremely impressive track. It is off of the great Mark O’ Connor guitar album Markology, which I believe he recorded when he was only 17. It is also on his album Retrospective, where Sam does another amazing solo on the track Pickin’ In the Wind. Two of my all time favorite Sam solo’s is on the Jerry Douglas album Under the Wire. In particular his break on Monroe’s Hornpipe, and the highlight of the album in my opinion Redhill. A really fun instrumental album that features Sam among others is John McEuen’s String Wizards.

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    His playing on Bela Fleck's Bluegrass Sessions album is top notch!

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    Hoss gets spanked on "Sailin' Shoes".

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    Default Re: Top 5 Sam Bush tracks

    Another vote here for Bela Fleck's Bluegrass Sessions. And perhaps even more so for Bela's album "Drive". That is one album that I'd take to an island.

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    For me "Late as Usual" is a favorite, I was exposed to Sam mostly for his work with John Hartford, Doc Watson and Tony Rice, but....

    On the Album "Short Trip Home" with Joshua Bell, Mike Marshall and Edgar Meyer, I do believe Sam has invented a new form of mandolin rhythm!
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