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Thread: DYN-M pre-amp

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    Default DYN-M pre-amp

    Hey, folks:

    Iím looking to optimize my Schertler DYN-M pickup with a pre-amp. The K and K pre-amp is affordable and seems pretty simple. Would that work, or is there a particular reason to buy a Schertler pre-amp?

    Also... if you want to chime in on a K and K vs. DYN-M pickup comparison, Iíll listen. ;-)

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    Default Re: DYN-M pre-amp

    The K&K is optimized for a piezo pickup, which the Schertler is not. It's input impedance is 1 million ohms. The Schertler on the 1/4" side is between 3 and 200,000, a long way from a million. Not the best match. I have had a Scherler, but I don't remember the model, I have a K&K and much prefer it. With the FireEye pre it sounds like my mandolin and needs little if no EQ. It also has a higher threshold before feedback. The Schertler I had to take off the toneguard, so the mandolin back rested against me, to keep it from vibrating to keep it from feeding back sooner.

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    Default Re: DYN-M pre-amp

    Assuming the Dyn-m you’re using is the P48, it’s a world away from the K&K. The Dyn-m is a condenser mic which requires phantom power. Plug it directly into a mixing desk and switch the phantom on. If you only have an amp and that doesn’t offer phantom on the XLR inputs or it doesn’t have XLR inputs, any preamp with a phantom equipped XLR input should work; the Schertler being one of several options.

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    Default Re: DYN-M pre-amp

    I use a Zoom A3 with my Schertler pickup. It's the older one that has the XLR jack and no phantom power needed. The Zoom A3 has a mic input unlike most preamps, and you can apply phantom power to the mic if needed. It has some effects, EQ, a solo boost, a mute (the built in tuner isn't worth much but it does mute your output).

    It also has a switch for piezzo and magnetic pickups as well as a mic setting.

    The user interface is rather unintuitive, but once you dial in the sound you like, you can save it and access it without too much fuss. It's built like a tank and the switches and jacks all seem solid. It runs off of batteries or a wall wart. It's been discontinued but you can find them used or NOS. I get a really nice natural sound out of it.
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    Question Re: DYN-M pre-amp

    Shertler's Preamp 3 (black)* is a hybrid XLR/TRS 1/4" input and 2 XLR outputs ..

    1 is through the tone volume , resonance & gain, controls , local control of your monitor (make a hot Dyn M 'Uni' signal even hotter)

    the other is 'dry' .. that output can go to the house sound guy, to optimize it via that board's controls..

    *new ones are blue..

    [ P48 came out later it needs a phantom power source, the 'Uni' also made, now, does not..]

    The black one just has a 10v output for their electaret Basik model pickups..

    I rarely need the preamp a mic Pre in the acoustic amp/mixer channel works,
    & like a dynamic Mic, an impedance matching transformer lets me plug into guitar amps..

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