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Thread: Get the Tunes to Your Fingers

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    Default Get the Tunes to Your Fingers

    I will be teaching mandolin at the John C Campbell Folk School this fall, Sunday, Oct 27 - Saturday, Nov 2, 2019. The Folk School is a great environment and a total immersion kind of week. It makes for a great vacation and we will be having a great deal of fun learning tunes and how to learn tunes for the mandolin along with lots of neat tools for your mandolin toolbox of tricks.

    Hope to see some of you there!

    Bob Buckingham
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    Default Re: Get the Tunes to Your Fingers

    Sounds like a great time !
    My two favorite pastimes are drinking wine and playing the mandolin but most of my friends would rather hear me drink wine! Adapted from quote by Mark Twain------supposedly !

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