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Thread: Handling transactions

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    Default Handling transactions

    Hello all,
    It's been a while since I posted. How are folks handling sales transactions these days?
    Cash? Paypal? Venmo? I tried to find a FAQ on the subject.

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    Default Re: Handling transactions

    I've only used PayPal for cafe purchases and sales...but I'm not a very frequent seller or shopper
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    Any and all of the above. Throw in cashier’s check and personal check (with a clearance wait) as well. Depends on the tech capabilities and location of the person with whom you’re dealing.

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    Paypal. It's easy to setup an account to receive money. make sure the buyer sends money as payment for goods and services, you can easily do this by sending an invoice, or giving them a specific link to pay. The other option is send money to family and friends, which will not incur additional fees (a bit less than the 3% credit card fee a merchant would incur). Pay the fees, work it into your selling price, it protects you and the buyer. Sending money to friends and family doesn't have as much protection.

    Buyer does not have to have an account, they can pay with any method Paypal accepts.
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