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    I saw a post the other day which included a link to the Banjo Mandolin Guitar Magazine from England. I followed the link and have to say that I think it's a very great resource and a lot of fun to read the various issues, especially the older ones. I just did a search to try to find the post that contained the link and I couldn't find it, so I'm starting a new thread with the link:

    It offers great insights from a British point of view on those instruments and each issue includes some commentary on playing them as well as some music for each.

    So to the person who posted that link I say a very heartfelt "Thank you!"

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    Yes, I also followed up on that link -- lots of good stuff there, especially the sheet music! Thanks to Michael Reichenbach for posting that link here.

    Unfortunately (for mandolin players) it mirrors the changing fortunes of the three instruments in the BMG group over the time the magazine was published, with mandolin content becoming increasingly marginalised in favour of the banjo and Hawaiian guitar(!). Generally, there is only one mandolin piece per issue and some issues have no mandolin music at all.


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    I've been using Field's website for a while now. At first, I thought they only had covers because the arrows didn't take you inside the magazine but once I downloaded an issue, I immediately saw that they were complete (except for the ones that are missing !)
    It's been a good source for my research and I enjoy comparing/contrasting with Cadenza etc.

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