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    My mother recently gave me transcriptions of old journals that belonged to my great-great grandfather while he was serving as a missionary in North Texas in 1900-1902 for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In the back of the journal he has 18 songs and poems written out. I have been doing research. Some of them were popular songs at the time (ie. Sunshine in My Soul, Trials of a Twin, and The Orphan's Home (which was recorded much later in the 30's by the carter family). A few of the songs I havent been able to find anywhere in my research, and actually have very similar phrasing and content as things that he wrote in his journals. Not being able to find the songs anywhere else, I am left to believe that they were ones he wrote (his journal is full of references to him singing for/with others, playing the organ, cello, and writing poetry, etc.. One of the songs is called "The missionary Message." It was done using the melody to "Just tell them that you saw me" which was published in 1895 (here is a clip).

    At any rate, I have transcribed the song/tune and made an attempt to add chords. Anyone willing to look it over and suggest changes to the chord progression? The original tune is in the key of Bb, so I decided to keep it that way. Also, could someone help me fill in the question marked chords? I cant quite figure those ones out. Attached is the pdf that I have transcribed of my g-g-fathers song.

    My end goal is to get all of the songs in his journal researched and compiled. Thanks for any help you can provide! There are a couple chords that really throw me off.Click image for larger version. 

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    For some reason the pdf shows up black in the image, but if you right click and save as, it will show up when you open it with adobe.

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