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    the specs on this mandolin seem to be dead on Loar, plus the wood he seems to be using seems to be much better than Gibson or even Martin Guitar.

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    What mandolin ?

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    good morning Dave. you can check them out on YouTube & I think there is 2 or 3 for sale on eBay.

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    To get more information on what mandolin tony is referring to, type Sumi mandolins into your browser, and click on the link to Desert Rose Banjo (Sumi’s international distributor). Desert Rose has prepared a good write up on Eiichi Sumi’s building history as well as the process he uses to build these beautiful mandolins.

    I’ve had my ‘07 Sumi F5 Deluxe for a couple of years, and can say first hand that everything about these mandolins is simply outstanding.
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