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    Default General Mandolin Discussion

    A recent discussion about a mandolin... polite, seemingly non-controversial and posted in of all places 'General Mandolin Topics'... and it gets shut down.

    Are we not allowed to discuss colored mandolins?
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    Default Re: General Mandolin Discussion

    I, too was perplexed.

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    Default Re: General Mandolin Discussion

    Certain things are not meant to be questioned. Just remember it's not your playpen. Things we might consider benign might offend another's sensibilities. This is ment as a general comment not pertaining to the thread mentioned. I've had things disappeared I thought were very tame. Don't sweat it. Pluses outweigh minuses.

    I quit a well known forum because of a mandolin question I suggested could best be answered here. Got pointed to the rules. No other forum mention allowed. My choice to leave. With all the sweat and tears needed to run one of these, comes the absolute right to use your own discression. That is not only correct but necessary.
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    It would be helpful to know what was wrong with the discussion to keep on the right side of the law and not step on any toes.

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    Default Re: General Mandolin Discussion

    there are posted forum guidelines. Rereading those on occasion might be helpful to provide an insight.
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    Default Re: General Mandolin Discussion

    I reread the guidelines, but still don't see the problem.
    Bill, if you see it why not tell us?

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    Default Re: General Mandolin Discussion

    Maybe just a bad day ! Like a bad hair day !
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    Default Re: General Mandolin Discussion

    I noticed this in the Guidelines:

    "Discussions started with the specific purpose or that end up used specifically for the purpose of antagonizing or calling into question a moderator's control of this forum or the site owner's right to enforce forum policy is forbidden and may result in immediate and permanent loss of membership and posting privileges. If you have concerns regarding forum policy contact a moderator or the site owner privately."

    I have no idea what the issue was here, but perhaps if you address it in a personal note to the moderator, you will receive an explanation. In my experience, the moderators have generally been fair, even leaning to the tolerant side (for example, there's a fair number of what I'd call "religious comments", only removed when they're really over the top).

    Keep up the good work, guys.
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