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Thread: comparing Eastman Mandola's

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    There's two models, the MDA315 and the MDA815. the 815 is $900 more. has anybody played both of these and can tell me any difference in tone or volume? is the 815 worth the extra money? to be honest I actually prefer the look of the 315 particularity the fingerboard, I like that sloped look over the florida. not to mention the price tag. but tone and volume matter more. if there's not much difference I'd obviously rather go easy on the credit card. if there's a noticeable improvement in tone and volume, I'd rather just get the 815, even if it means holding off a bit. Thanks for the help!

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    I've got an Eastman 615 mandola, it plays and sounds excellent, typical deep rumbling mandola sound.

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    With most Eastman stuff, the higher the number the more bling and possibly better hardware, and, oh yes, a free apostrophe!

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    Unfortunately, you really need to play both to compare. My 315 mandolin sounds better than a several of the 615 and 815s I’ve played, but the tuners, bridge, and tailpiece (mine’s the older stamped one) are cost saving measures. Functional, but def budget parts. The higher numbers mean better hardware, prettier woods, etc, but not necessarily better tone/volume. I would assume that holds for their mandolas as well...

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    When I bought my MDA 615 (since traded on my Stahl), I played an 815 and decided the 615 sounded better, though it wasn't as fancily appointed. As CES states, you need to get one of each and do a hands-on comparison -- if that's possible.

    And remember, that's only comparing two individual instruments. Generalizing to all 315's vs. 815's is risky; each mandolin is, to some extent, unique, especially acoustically. You can compare specs -- hardware, finish, wood graining, whatever -- but that only gets you part-way there.
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