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Thread: KM-1500 Serial Number

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    I know kentucky serial numbers are not reliable, but does anyone have an educated guess when KM-1500 #302 14 may have been made.

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    2014? purely a guess. You might try to contact Saga, they are pretty good at responding.

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    Pictures of the mandolin and the serial # label might help narrow it down.
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    Here's the image Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm pretty sure its a Japan made mandolin, but I wonder what period.
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    Contact Saga in South San Francisco with your best guess. They very helpful.

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    I have serial number prefixes 208, 304, 305, and 306 in my collection. My opinion is 302-14 is circa 1983, an apparent great year for the Maruko factory. How does it sound?

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    I don't have it yet. Thanks for info.

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