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Thread: New member in Kansas City need tips

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    Default New member in Kansas City need tips

    Just joined MC, and anxious to get my first mandolin and learn to play. Am retiring soon, so will have time. Based on comments here, am thinking about getting a KY 150, though would welcome all suggestions.
    Also...what are the best shops in KC, Leavenworth, and Lawrence areas to shop and set up the instrument? Have heard Mass Music in Lawrence is good...are there others?
    Would welcome all suggestions for a true beginner, especially on ways to learn - lessons, books, DVD, net, etc. thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: New member in Kansas City need tips

    Mass Street Music in Lawrence is a great place. I have bought and had work done on several instruments over the years. Bradford and Company Fret Shop in Kansas City has a vast selection of instruments.

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    Default Re: New member in Kansas City need tips

    I have had no interaction with these folks but their website makes me want to visit if I ever get back in KC:

    Welcome to the cafe, come visit us at the Newbies group (see my signature).
    New to mando? Click this link -->Newbies to join us at the Newbies Social Group.

    Just send an email to with "mandolin setup" in the subject line and he will email you a copy of his ebook for free (free to all mandolincafe members).

    My website and blog:

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    Default Re: New member in Kansas City need tips is a great resource. There is a beginner section, and many easier fiddle tunes. If your budget can swing it, a few lessons with a good teacher will start you off on the right track. Use your left hand pinky from the start. Mike Marshall has some beginner lessons on YouTube, and then there are reasonable monthly subscription sites like Peghead nation.

    Good luck. You have the luctury of time, so you can progress twice as fast now. I started mandolin at 65, but I played guitar already. Don't get discouraged and be content with small triumphs for now and try not to watch twelve year old wiz kids on YouTube. You are very likely never going to be that good. It's the journey.
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    Default Re: New member in Kansas City need tips

    Welcome to KC from another KC mandolin player!

    Glenn Bradford of The Fret Shop is always a terrific resource. His site is:

    I play in a weekly advanced jam. Our site is:

    There's a terrific jam very open to beginners every Tuesday night in South KC at Saint Luke's Methodist, 95th and James A Reed.

    Here are links to Other KC jams:

    Our Fearless Leader, Scott Tichener, is known to show up here and there. Here is a link to his band:

    And, if you read reasonably well, there is always The Mandolin Orchestra of Kansas City:

    Welcome! And PM me if you need other suggestions.
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    Default Re: New member in Kansas City need tips

    Quit before you start !!! It will become addictive , you will become stressed out at times because improvement isn't coming as fast as you like, you will end up with MAS disease and your expectations will never be achieved ! But---------enjoy the ride ! May be bumpy at times but hang in there and enjoy ! I didn't begin my journey until age 63 and 72 now and still enjoy and playing every day ! By the way, time to practice so enjoy !
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    Default Re: New member in Kansas City need tips

    The KM's are great beginner mandolins and heck even pros use some of the higher end Kentucky mandolins! I had a KM-140 I think and for what it was, I thought it was great-it went to my cousin as he wanted a beginner mandolin and for 100 bucks well worth it,you can find these models cheap on this site, evilbay, reverb, craigslist but the key to any mandolin is the set-up! If you can't do it, its worth paying someone that knows how! Welcome to the MADNESS!

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    Default Re: New member in Kansas City need tips

    From one beginner to another: welcome. The Mandolin is a lot of fun in fact it’s more fun than a guitar. For some reason the Mandolin makes sense to me and the guitar always confuses me. I had taken violin lessons many many many years ago when I was in college or someplace. That might be why the Mandolin makes more sense. In any case it’s a fun ride so enjoy it and don’t stress if you make mistakes because you will. Just enjoy it have fun with it. This forum Has a wealth of knowledge available and a lot of knowledgeable people that are always willing to help.
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