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Thread: Pulling the buttons off grover 909 tuners?

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    Default Pulling the buttons off grover 909 tuners?

    I just picked up some ebony buttons and have unscrewed the screw but am wondering how I should attempt pulling the button off it appears to very attached to the post lol!! I was considering putting some pliers inside a leather glove and going for it! I lloked for other posts but only found answers for the glued on, non screw type. New tuners from stew mac Grovers..going on my A50 thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: Pulling the buttons off grover 909 tuners?

    I bought a pair of Snap Ring Pliers from Harbor Freight. I just put them between the bottom of the button and the side of the plate (take them off the mandolin). When you squeeze they expand. Pushed the buttons right off a set of Waverly tuners I bought. I've added them to my toolbox. I think I got the next model up from these, they were about $8.00.
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