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Thread: A Celtic Morn - Emile Grimshaw

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    Default A Celtic Morn - Emile Grimshaw

    A Celtic Morn by Emile Grimshaw
    I have used my looper to record the chords and also the second mandolin part.

    The sheet music can be found in the Jan. 1926 issue of the B.M.G. magazine

    B.M.G. magazine: John Field Memorial BMG LIBRARY
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    Default Re: A Celtic Morn - Emile Grimshaw

    What a jolly piece, Michael. Thanks for posting this and congratulations on your impressive technique. Your link to the BMG archive is also very welcome. I have a) nearly complete set of original BMGs. They are very fragile so this online resource is very welcome although I do not have your level of music-reading skills to make best use of them.
    It is also interesting to see music branded as celtic before the concept of 'celtic music' became a thing, sometime in the 1980s I think.
    mainly Irish & Scottish but open to all dance-oriented melodic music.
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    Default Re: A Celtic Morn - Emile Grimshaw

    Nice playing! I love tunes with that feel
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