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Thread: Problem seller on eBay

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    Their ads are so bad I've concluded that Far east man doesn't want to sell instruments on ebay.

    Evidence: Builder is "Paw 5"?
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    Default Re: Problem seller on eBay

    Don't mean to argue or to repeat an old debate, but none of the internet marketplace players have any real desire or any real ability to crack down on fraudulent postings. They all have "seller protection," but it's mostly a fiction. Most people find them useless (if they can find them at all) when they get scammed. Yes, you can and should use a credit card to add a little protection, but even there, a chargeback is in the hands of the seller, ultimately; as a buyer you really only have recourse if the amount is small enough that your card issuer wants to just issue the chargeback to you to get rid of the problem and write it off as a loss because they know they're never going to get reimbursed by the fraudulent seller's issuing bank. That's why you shouldn't buy anything using any of the on-line services if you're not willing to lose your money, and then a lot of time pursuing that money without success. You've got all the red flags here: pay attention to them and don't get suckered in. These too good to be true deals are just what they seem.

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