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Thread: Looking for a flat top mandola?

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    Default Looking for a flat top mandola?

    This could be a sleeper. Weber Alder Mandola Lefty

    Says left handed. And it is certainly strung up left-handedly. Lefty instruments typically go for significantly less in an auction. But the bridge saddle is right handed. Can't tell about the nut, but if the saddle is righty, I bet the nut is, too. You might even get lucky and find that whoever put the strings on lefty didn't recut the nut and saddle slots. Even if you have to get a new bridge and nut, this could still be a decent deal when the dust settles.

    If I hadn't just bought a mandola I would be in on the action for this one. Good luck, but watch out for the snipers at the end of the auction.
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    Default Re: Looking for a flat top mandola?

    woah it doubled in the last few minutes!

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