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Thread: MT Flatiron A at Guitar Center

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    Default MT Flatiron A at Guitar Center

    Looks like a pretty good deal perhaps...not interested myself but thought Iíd pass it along in case anyone is. That $ seems lower than most Iíve seen, the 99 I own was similarly priced and I felt i got a square deal on it. I know these Bozeman ones are X braced and some folks have strong feelings on that one way or the other,
    Anyway, happy hunting and good luck to whomever, if itís in fact a good deal.
    Hopefully my link will work. If not someone is welcome to tell me what I did wrong, itís a little different embedding or sharing things here than most places, I should read up on it.
    Happy Monday!

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    Default Re: MT Flatiron A at Guitar Center

    I have a 1994 that I bought in 1999 at Mandolin Brothers.It has tone bars and is sounding really really good the last year.

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