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Thread: stew mac sale on tuners

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    Default stew mac sale on tuners

    Not earth shattering but 15% off on a select group. now, that said. I have been using Schallers, with no problem, but am curios of the Grover 309's. also curious of the ashton Bailey tailpiece, and has anybody dealt with American tonewood? I am trying a torrified top ' I have used James tailpieces in the past,
    Mike Marrs

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    About a year ago, I bought a new Rhodes F style mandolin direct from the builder in South Carolina. He used Grover 309's on it. They are nickel plated and have the worm under the post design. They are really very nice. They hold tune and look great. One thing that I especially like about them is that they have replaceable knobs. I found a spare set of tuning knobs on eBay and carry them in the case.
    I also like the solid cast bushings due to the tight fit, both around the posts and in the wood of the head stock.
    Sorry, I don't know about the other questions you posed.
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