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Thread: Bluegrass song libraries for tablet?

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    Default Bluegrass song libraries for tablet?

    I have all of my lyrics saved on a Mac, and also have them printed in a binder. I'm finding the formatting going from my saved files into SongSheet Pro to be less than ideal. It removes the spacing, removes the header (song title), etc..

    Anyone out there have a library they're willing to share to get me started? Otherwise i'll work with these files and figure out the best format going forward. I have around 75 songs total, mostly the classics.


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    There’s a good archive of bluegrass standards here in OnSong format. SongSheet Pro will import OnSong formatted files.
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    Default Re: Bluegrass song libraries for tablet?

    OnSong is probably a good option, but it comes with a pricetag.
    Looks like I’m not going to be able to afford to play the Blues. It’s THAT sad!

    Another way is to do a search on the internet for ‘blues’ ‘ukulele’ ‘pdf’
    Lots of great musicians sharing their favourites. What’s cool about this way is that sometimes you’ll find say 20 songs in a collection and they are the most popular in that particular genre -search in English or any other language using GoogleTranslate.
    Then it’s a YouTube search using the titles to find the first ones you want to learn. Very labour intensive though.
    Good luck.
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