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Thread: Catalan Folk Songs (arr. Paul Binkley)

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    Does anyone know if the 13 Catalan folk songs arranged by Paul Binkley are available anywhere. I mean the songs that appear on the Modern Mandolin Quartet album with the Tchaikovsky tunes. They are excellent. Also, if anyone know where to get a large arrangement of Catalan folk songs for guitar as well that could be cool. I found a decent arrangement of el Testamente de n'Amelia for guitar, as well as a few others. I'd rather see it in sheet music, as I am working on my reading.

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    You can find a performance (though maybe not the album you’re looking for) and notation for the 13 songs at the links below.
    Note that in the free Musescore desktop program you can change the key of the notation and also add mandolin, ukulele, whatever TAB.
    Good luck.

    MuseScore sheet music
    El Testament d'Amelia

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