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    Default Learning Video's

    I prefer video's personally for learning. Been taking lessons on advanced flatpicking from Scott Nygaard at PHN for about 6 months and Scotts a great player/teacher. Now that I have a mandolin I've been mainly at MandoLessons which are great and just went back with Ben Clark at BanjoBen's. Any other good resourses anyone knows for video lessons.

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    I really like Sharon's beginning mandolin series at Peghead Nation. If you are a subscriber there, they let you change your course once or twice a month when you are ready to move on to something different.

    Otherwise--I think Baron's Mandolessons are fantastic.

    If you haven't found it yet, he has a great page on his website that collects all of his videos into a series of great learning classes to take!
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    I subscribed to Banjo Ben years ago now and he’s great. I have learned a lot from him on both guitar and mando. Joe K Walsh and Sharon G at Peghead are great, I’ve been with both at various music camps and they are as nice in person as they come across on video. Mike Giverin (sp?) has some videos up, he’s with the Jaywalkers, there is Heath at a website called Pickin’ Lessons that I really like. Mandolessons is good and just keep an eye on YouTube, I’ve learned some great arrangements from ordinary posters on YouTube I happened to come across so keep looking.

    Oh...and don’t forget about the song a week social group - I’ve picked up some great tunes and arrangements from some of our fellow members here at the Cafe?
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    Default Re: Learning Video's

    I'm a banjoBen member, so I'll definitely plug him. His website also has a great forum, if you didn't know, it's very helpful
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    If you're at all interested in purchasing standalone video lessons rather than (or in addition to) continuous subscription services there's a handy spot up at the top of the Mandolin Cafe page labeled "Learn/Listen". Click there, select "Lessons on Demand", and you'll be taken to the library of video lessons available for purchase through the Cafe. Lots of good stuff in there - video lessons from Sam Bush, Adam Steffey, Chris Thile, Jesse McReynolds, Butch Baldassari... the list goes on.

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    Default Re: Learning Video's

    I am a big fan of Skype lessons over videos. My teacher watches me and gives me feedback and suggestions and exercises to work on, right away.

    I guess it becomes harder to Skype lesson with the top tier of talents because exchanging videos is asynchronous and does not cause scheduling problems for the talent.

    But there are so many great great teachers doing Skype, and the the real time aspect keeps me working hard. (I'll let myself down but I won't let my teacher down.) And the one on one really develops a coach type relationship with the teacher, so that you work harder in the hopes of getting the coach's approval.
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