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Thread: Who knows? He might get lucky…

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    Default Who knows? He might get lucky…

    From Denver Craigslist:

    All it takes it one person who thinks it’s a good deal; and both can walk away happy.

    Oh yeah, NFI.
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    Default Re: Who knows? He might get lucky…

    Well, there is one born every minute or so I'm told.
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    Default Re: Who knows? He might get lucky…

    Oh man. I talked to that guy on the phone. Or I tried in vain to get a word in edgewise while HE talked.

    It looks like a decent H2 (note: it's a mandola, not a mandolin) and you may not like the DeArmond pickup, but you can always remove it and (if it's working) sell it for $100–150 or so.

    My impression from a few minutes on the phone with the seller is that he's a gentleman of some years who thinks this instrument's provenance makes it a priceless gem. Trying to persuade him to sell it for a market price will be a tall order. The fact is, lots of instruments were played on barn dance radio shows in the mid-century by now-forgotten musicians, and it may make a nice story but it won't buy a cup of coffee. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: Who knows? He might get lucky…

    For entertainment, the description on the ad:

    Gibson Mandolin 1906
    Mandolin made in 1906 an patton in 1908 want 8,000.00 or trade for a car or pickup or suv up too 8,000.00 can be camaro , mustang, 55 or 56 or 57or 58 chevy or older car ok!!! the Gibson Mandolin has never been work on an it was played on the radio in the 60s on the Rocky mountain Jambroree an played by Buster Jenkens an my dad an my dads best friend on the radio has hand made case has extra strings too electric pickup too call me I do have a couple signed guitars by bill anderson an donna fargo an others an Loretta Lynn an peggy sue Lynn an crstal Gale an others an I have other guitars an bass guitars a hofner bass like paul one of the beatles to trade for more expesive car

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    Default Re: Who knows? He might get lucky…

    Judging from his ad, I am assuming that the guy has some decent knowledge of cars . . . it's just to bad that the knowledge doesn't cross over into mandolins.

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    Default Re: Who knows? He might get lucky…

    Interestingly, the header on the top of the ad says "$8" and then you get into the ad and find out he actually wants $8000 - quite a difference. It would likely sell in short order for $8.

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