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Thread: ebay Eastman violin, place your bets

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    Thanks for the education and advice. I'll offer it for trade for a 4/4 or cash sale, say $325 delivered into the Seattle metro area. I'll keep the Eric Steiner full sized bow.
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    Default Re: ebay Eastman violin, place your bets

    14" on a violin would most often refer to the length of the back rather than the string length.

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    Quote Originally Posted by multidon View Post
    If you want a mandolin and a violin to match up in scale length, thatís easy. Just get a bowlback mandolin, or a Martin canít top flat back. Both will have 13Ē scales just like a full size violin.

    Greg, I recommend against playing the 3/4 size. Those are meant for children and an average size adult trying to play it invites all sorts of painful left hand issues. I am a retired teacher of string instruments and school orchestra director. My beginners were in the 6th grades and,depending on their stage of growth, most either played 1/2 or 3/4. Occasionally a few would be grown enough for full size, but not often. I would sell it and use the money to buy a proper full size.
    All good points. Not to mention, smaller instruments are never going to sound as good as a properly sized air chamber. Well, they might sound good, but they won't sound like you expect a violin to sound.

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    I started on a cheap 3/4 cuz it was all I could find. It sounded good enough to learn on, and I don't feel like it held me back. Some more experienced fiddlers have told me that a cheap 3/4 will often sound better than a cheap full size, but that's at a lower level than an Eastman 300. Having learned on 3/4, I never had any trouble playing a full size, a viola, and even an 8th and 16th (16th bridge was too flat though) I now play a full size, that's a good deal nicer than my 3/4. I would like to one day make an octave violin, cuz I think it'd be awesome (and I have long arms)
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