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Thread: Balancing practice between two instruments...

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    Sure, depends on what you're after. I could never play just one (or two) instrument(s) - so I miss out on "mastery." There are a whole bunch of things I like to experience. And without these experiences, I wouldn't have come to the more obscure instruments and styles (and intelligences) that occupy me now.

    Now, nearing age 60, I'm increasingly involved in aesthetic sharing. I've found that my particular "mastery" is in so doing.

    *Btw, not meant to aggrandize myself in any way; only to expound on perspective. I've had a lot of fun in music at an amateur level through dance, philanthropy, teaching and other community activities. Music is too broad to put into one bag.
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    When i was a kid i played 3 instruments, but only because my parents would never let me quit band and piano lessons, it was "good for me". I think most fretted string instruments you can drop them for a week or a little longer and just pick it up again, whereas you lose the embouchure for double reeds or high brass fast. Lap and pedal steel, there's a lot of skills involved, those seem to evaporate pretty quickly too. Mandolin you have to work at the left hand strength/accuracy to maintain that.
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