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Thread: "Super" Brand Ovation Mandocello

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    Hi, has anyone heard or know anything about Super brand ovation mandocellos? I am currently considering buying one for 200 dollars. Any information would be great!! I haven't had much luck finding anything about these! Thanks!

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    Working from memory only, I think these were Asian "knock-offs" of the Ovations, generally sold on eBay. Price was very "reasonable," meaning "low," and I can only opine that sometimes you get what you pay for.

    You're not risking much, and as long as you don't expect much, why not?
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    Ovation never distributed an import mandocello, just the USA made in Connecticut which was closed in 2014. I believe they even stopped making custom mandolins and mandocellos even before that. There was talk in August of 2018 when Drum Workshop (parent company du jour) stopped another attempt to retool for something new, but I don't think anything every came of it.

    The USA made were pretty decent, held the demands of the high tension well, and were legendary run through a PA system. I'd be suspicious of anything that couldn't be verified of its Connecticut origin.
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    This thread sounded familiar, and indeed it has come up before:

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