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Thread: Radial Tonebone PZ-Pre Acoustic Preamp

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    Default Radial Tonebone PZ-Pre Acoustic Preamp

    any reviews for this for mandolin ..
    still searching for the eq boost for mando/ violin . Its hard to make a decision, so many different options and reviews

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    I've been using one for a few years now, and commonly run a mandolin with a K&K twin and a resonator mandolin with a Fishman pickup through it on the two input channels, using the A/B input switch to toggle between the two. I have different gain requirements for each of these pickups, accommodated by the separate channel gains on the Tonebone. The EQ is great, and includes sweep-able, notch-able mids, although I seldom need to do much with my current setup. The unit also has an adjustable gain foot switch boost that I use frequently and a mute switch so you can cut your output while tuning on stage. This is very high quality gear. The only limitations I find are that you need AC power and the EQ applies to both input channels (you can't apply different EQ settings to the separate channels). A minor annoyance is that you can inadvertently hit the mute switch or the channel input toggle while trying to activate the boost, so you do have to pay attention to where you step or you'll be the only one that hears your great solo!

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    thanks that's the info I need. Have you been able to compensate with the amps eq for one instrument then eq the pedal to get good eq for both instruments.

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    If I understand your question correctly, here's how I have handled that. The Tonebone has two XLR outs; one pre-EQ and one post-EQ. You can use both of those sends, each to a different channel on the mixing board. You can then EQ one instrument with the pedal and leave the board EQ flat for that channel. The other instrument goes to the board from the pre-EQ channel and is EQ'd at the mixing board. I did that when I was using the Fishman for my resonator and a Schertler on my mandolin. Fortunately, with the K&K installed in my mandolin, I can now send one combined non-EQd signal to the board.

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    I can't answer for both instruments since I don't amplify my mando, but I love this Radial Tonebone on my acoustic electric. 5-string fiddle. Wireless to the Tonebone to the amp/mixer.

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    yes thanks I am using it for the 5 stings fiddle I think the mando will do direct and just use the pz boost on it , i just pulled the trigger on it and should be here next week. thanks for all help. kevin

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