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Thread: Bluegrass/Mandolin related books

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    Default Bluegrass/Mandolin related books

    I'm loading up the Kindle for an upcoming seven day cruise.

    I have read "Can't you hear me call'n" and have already downloaded Tom Ewing's newish book on Bill.

    Any other suggestions?
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    Default Re: Bluegrass/Mandolin related books

    Bill Monroe by Tom Ewing. Bluegrass Mandolin by Jack Tottle (an instruction book}. Bluegrass by Neil V. Rosenberg, Bluegrass by Bob Artis, Can't You Hear Me Calling (The Life of Bill Monroe) by Richard D. Smith, Bluegrass Breakdown by Robert Cantwell. Have fun. Forgot one, True Adventures With The King of Bluegrass- Jimmy Martin.

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