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Thread: Banjolin Identification and Help

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    So I posted over on banjo hangout for the banjo perspective help. The consensus was it is likely a wood topped banjolin over there. The repair direction I believe I am leaning towards is a drop in wood resonator made from a banjo rim and birch top. Probably not original, but may get it playable. If I could figure a way to get a skin tight (which we may be discussing too), and everything fitted I would prefer that route. But thats where the theory is right now to get this thing playable.

    Onto the next steps, it is a bit rougher than I anticipated from before. I have a lot of gluing and bracing to do. And if im going to be making this custom fixture I am gunna restore the rest.

    What sort of staining would you guys reccomend for the body, neck, and head.

    I will also unfortunately be sanding the fretboard it seems. At some point someone put some sealant on it, and thats gotta go.

    I will probably be ripping the tuners out and cleaning them up next weekend, and working on gluing what exists back to a nice and strong state.

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    Can anyone help identify this Banjolin ?Click image for larger version. 

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    Don't know. If you remove the screw in the center of the back, the resonator will come off and sometimes there is a maker's stamp or decal inside on the rim or bracing.

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    The metal ring that caps the resonator on this is the same as my Supertone tenor banjo. Supertone was a Sears brand but Sears didn't manufacture anything. What you have is one of thousands of banjos (in this case a mandolin banjo) "manufactured for the trade" by one of a few companies, probably in the Chicago area. In addition that piece could have been sold to many manufacturers. One of my luthier friends said he thought mine had been built by Slingerland.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Kennedy View Post
    I would hazard a guess and say that originally it was a complete timber top without any head at all and looks, to me, as though someone has cut out the timber with a thought to some possible project. Only guessing though.
    I'm in agreement on this. I would guess they hoped to stretch a skin over the cut-out wood top

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    @jeff Mando, thanks. It's in a pawn shop, they are hesitant to let me open it up.

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