So I posted over on banjo hangout for the banjo perspective help. The consensus was it is likely a wood topped banjolin over there. The repair direction I believe I am leaning towards is a drop in wood resonator made from a banjo rim and birch top. Probably not original, but may get it playable. If I could figure a way to get a skin tight (which we may be discussing too), and everything fitted I would prefer that route. But thats where the theory is right now to get this thing playable.

Onto the next steps, it is a bit rougher than I anticipated from before. I have a lot of gluing and bracing to do. And if im going to be making this custom fixture I am gunna restore the rest.

What sort of staining would you guys reccomend for the body, neck, and head.

I will also unfortunately be sanding the fretboard it seems. At some point someone put some sealant on it, and thats gotta go.

I will probably be ripping the tuners out and cleaning them up next weekend, and working on gluing what exists back to a nice and strong state.