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    I came across this vid on my favorite internet site. I loved listening to, and watching, everyone of these guys on this vid. Crowe is often my destination, but what do you all think of this video? I love Bobby, and his voice is unmatched in BG....imo.... I have a question for the mandolinists...what comes first.....the voice? or the instrument?

    Bobby=voice Monroe=voice Thile=voice

    Does the voice come first?

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    People on this site don't answer much do they? Fast readers....but slow writers...

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    Depends. I like Adam Steffey's playing first, same with Nathan Livers, Ronnie McCoury, Wayne Benson.

    Also, people sometimes have lives outside of lurking on the cafe so that they are not ready to respond inside of 15 minutes.
    Play it like you mean it.

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    I love the McAnswers Bill! Fast! I don't know of Mr. Livers, but I'll check him out. Ronnie is the only singer on your list, and he has his old man's I love it.

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    and.....there is no such things as lives outside. Everyone of you who can read are inside.

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    Do you like Bobby Osbornes playing? I'm out of the loop on mando playing. I'm not trying to be lurkish....I'm just curious of your thoughts.

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    and of all the people who've read this clip.....I'd like to play some music with you first Bill.

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    I've heard Benson play live, down at YeeHaw.....amazing player. I 've seen Ronnie many times live, and lucky enough to see and hear him live at the Opry.......amazing musician. I love the Bluegrass Music Bill.

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    I Love Steffey's playing....never had opt to see live, but I hear you. I base most of my opinions on live playing, but I surely hear you. I don't even play mandolin.....but I love to listen to it.

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    What the hell is a lurker anyway? I just read back over......that word implies something negative.....I just want to hear some opinions on the Bluegrass Music I Love. Don't be scared....

    There are Government people reading this I'm sure.......but screw them.....

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    The Human Nature in this clip is most telling, and I hope all who view it, can see, and hear it. Bluegrass.

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    You can go to sleep now little babies.

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    I Love grey hair women most of all.

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    Blondes....Brunettes......It's all about the Grey my friends.....

    Mature.....Mature Fem.....

    Can someone here translate "Mature Female" into French?......I would love to to see it in French.

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    Not many people answer on here. Except Bill. Nobody willing to write. Maybe some of you are beyond the meat.....

    sell now my friends......

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    Friends.....You can read.....and, you can make assumptions on what you see me write, and you can do the same for t.v., be it cable, or internet. Who do you trust? Who the hell are you trusting? Take heed my friends. There are BIG forces at work in the media today.


    just dc

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    I have to tell you honestly....I'm under the influence....but don't let that fact, undermine the forces at work.

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    Will no one say hello to me right now?

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    Screw me right......

    Push the limits my friends......

    Don't be Scared

    Good Night Honkees

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