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Thread: Breaking A-Strings in CGDA tuning

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    Default Re: Breaking A-Strings in CGDA tuning

    A .007 Gauge is designed to tune up as High as A4 on a 25.5 in scale but because the Tenor Guitar has a shorter scale length, the tension will be lower so that won't be an issue here. You need a Zero Glide nut & to check for any sharp burrs.

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    Default Re: Breaking A-Strings in CGDA tuning

    A regular steel .007 will break around G#4 relatively quickly at 25.5".

    An Octave4Plus will get there, but needs a clean string path, and will NOT tolerate repeated detunings. I say that in view of my being the poster who has used them the longest, and who started posting about them long ago. In fact, I think several times the previous poster inaccurately corrected me on properly using the O4+ strings, very odd since he was basing his understanding on my own posts.

    Anyway Octave 4 Plus strings will get to a pitch, and can be maintained there, but are NOT for constant retunings to different pitches. They even used to have that information on their web site, although I'm not sure if it's still there. They do allow one to contact them with one's proposed use, because they would rather avoid a reputational hit from someone breaking the strings through ignorance then blaming the product for such misuse.

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