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Thread: 10-20 drum sander abrasive roll tip

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    After a fairly lucky purchase of a performax 10-20 drum sander this morning for $200 I went looking for a local source for sanding rolls. Here’s what I found, neither Rockler or Woodcraft stock anything for the 10” drum sanders. But after sorting through what Woodcraft had I found a variety pack of 1 each 36,80,and 120 grit for a 22” drum sander. I played a hunch, and it turns out you can make 2 rolls for a 10” drum out of 1 roll for a 22” drum. With about 5” to spare provided you use the existing tail on each end of the original roll. That’s $5 a wrap. I will say this, after switching between 80 and 36 grit I’m feeling like 60 grit might be another grit I would like to try.
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    That's a good tip, Levi. As a new Performax owner, you'll probably find Joe Woodworker's ideas on modifying the machine and aligning the drum useful. ( It's been really helpful for my 16-32 sander. Without the modification, the arm that supports the drum will tend to "sag" across its length, so the depth of cut is deeper at the outboard end than at the motor. It's a design flaw. Seriously frustrating, and has a measurable effect on your results.

    My cheat on Joe's method is to use a multimeter with audible continuity and a couple of clip jumpers, instead of a battery and a light bulb. Makes the job faster and simpler, with no special setup.

    Drum alignment is something you'll want to check periodically. The wider the workpiece, the more critical the alignment becomes.

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    I buy mine from Sandpaper America. They'll make whatever you want and they've always been a fraction of the cost of anywhere else. They will also make the conveyor belt.

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    Googled them and saved the bookmark -- thanks

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