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    Default Possible year/make

    Wondering if anyone might share some insight on who may have made this and around what time. My guess is early 1900ís possibly late 1800ís but not sure of who made it given lack of any identifiable markings other than possibly signature inlays etc, although butterflies were common. Possibly hints from the m.o.p. Fretboard or using paper lining inside???

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    Looks sorta like this one, attributed to Angelo Mannello. Mannello made some very ornate instruments; a brief Google search will show some on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The use of MOP on the fretboard, the headstock profile, and the body binding are quite similar.
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    A detail that can be telling to some are the tuning gears themselves, on the back of the headstock. Some early European gears (maybe specific to a country and/or timeframe) are distinctly different from more modern gears, with the cogs being somewhat square and seperated from their neighbor by a slim triangle, while the worm is relatively knife-edge, to fit into that open triangle, and seperated from its next wind by a u-shaped valley.

    Attachment of the cog the tuning post can also differ by region & period, with various sorts of rivet or peening preceeding our more modern machine screws.
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    The tailpiece appears to be a typical US made item and that would lead me to believe it is an American instrument- unless that tailpiece is a replacement- which it may be.

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