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Thread: Telluride bluegrass fest

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    Default Telluride bluegrass fest

    Hey all

    Im omw to Telluride for the first time. My girlfriend and i got town park camping passes and we're really excited about getting there.

    Any suggestions on stuff to do aside from main stage stuff?

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    I'm heading out on Tuesday. I haven't been since 2007! Nightgrass is fun!
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    Default Re: Telluride bluegrass fest

    Check out some of the free workshop stuff in Elk's Park. Hike up to Bridal Veil falls.

    For those who can't make it (like me), you can stream it on
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    Default Re: Telluride bluegrass fest

    They do first grass in Mountain Village on Wednesday, it seems to get bigger every year.
    Definitely check out Elks Park and night grass as mentioned
    If you want to hike the bear Creek Falls Trail is pretty reasonable, but does take some time
    Make sure you pack for scorching sun during the day and freezing at night!
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