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Thread: Northfield 4th Gen F5 reviews?

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    Default Northfield 4th Gen F5 reviews?

    I saw some glowing reviews from folks at the winter NAMM. Now that at least a couple of the mandolins have hit stores (Morgan Music and Elderly), are there any hands-on reviews out there?
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    Default Re: Northfield 4th Gen F5 reviews?

    I spoke with Jordan today at The Music Emporium where they just got one in. (Not yet posted on their site) Jordan is TME's "mandolin guy" and he's always been very helpful and frank with me. He told me the 4.0 they have received is the best Northfield mandolin he's played... hands down... as in that much better than anything they've yet produced including their Artist Series. Now considering how superb most Northfields are (regardless of the model or price point) that's really saying something... just sayin'...

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    Default Re: Northfield 4th Gen F5 reviews?

    I just got back from TME and had a chance to spend some time with their new Northfield Gen 4 F5 that they just received and I have to say I was very impressed by both the tone and level of finish. Very strong and sweet throughout the neck with what I would describe as having a nice trade-off between a traditional mid-range tone and some of the complexity of a more modern voiced instrument. There’s a tonal character I haven’t heard in other Northfield instruments. When this thing gets played in it will be a beast. The wood that was used on this one doesn’t have a lot of figure but then again neither do some Loars but it sure does sound good!

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    Default Re: Northfield 4th Gen F5 reviews?

    No Northfield dealers or retail in Canada ����

    In the Market again

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