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Thread: His Name Was Judas - Larry Sparks

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    Default His Name Was Judas - Larry Sparks

    Good morning fellow pickers,

    I've started a new arrangement for Larry Sparks His Name Was Judas, but cannot seem to find the lyrics for this tune online.
    Would anyone here perhaps be able to help me get them?


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    Default Re: His Name Was Judas - Larry Sparks

    His name was Judas, his Lord he did betray
    With a kiss upon his cheek he gave his Lord away
    He was forgiven, he could not bear the shame
    So he hung himself in the potters field
    Judas was his name

    He was there when He walked upon the water
    He was there when He fed the multitude
    He was there when He gave life to a man's only daughter
    He was one of the twelve, he was one of the chosen few


    He was there the night he promised to redeem him
    And he knew that he had left the fold that day
    He sold his soul for thirty silver pieces
    And he led the soldiers to Him in the garden where He prayed

    Chorus and tag

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