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    I have to figure out you tube first sorry , had a glitch

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    The easiest way is to simply copy the address from the top bar of your browser of the video you want to post. It would look like this:

    You can embed the video you want to post by simply copying everything in the address after the "v=" , in this case "-OsPs0V9hmA". Click on the Go Advanced button and when that window comes up look for the YouTube icon. When the input box comes up past the "-OsPs0V9hmA" in the that input box. You don't need the quotation marks I've added. That would look like this:

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    thanks, I am making the video and putting it on youtube, but the live video maker has a stupid file name that youtube does not take , I will get it

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    Kjblc- I'll check back when you get that one up. Mike-I hadn't seen that one in a while. Our Fearless Leader and the late Bill C. sounding great together!

    Scott C.

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