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Thread: Question about glue

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    I can't think of any joint in new construction where there is any problem using HHG.

    For large gluings such as tops and backs, glue and clamp the blocks first. Then, apply the glue into the seam with a palette knife a few inches at a time, and clamp as you go.

    You can tape any cauls into place before you go. Clear off your workbench. Clamp everything up dry, then remove your clamps, and then organize them on the bench in an orderly fashion so you can grab the right one at the right time.

    I limit my work to repairs. I use HHG for guitar bridges, cracks, open seams, fingerboard replacement, bridge plate replacement, etc. For all of those jobs, I can get everything clamped up before the glue cools without using any extending agents. I organize my work and make a dry run, and warm the parts if necessary.

    Re-gluing loose braces in a guitar or mandolin is usually the only place where open time is a concern to me. There's not enough time to get everything set in those situations. That's where I have to decide whether to use urea, or go with Titebond instead. I also have to remember that someone else may have to repair the instrument in the future, and a failed Titebond joint has to be cleaned before new glue can be applied. I found that out the hard way. It's not easy to clean a joint deep inside a guitar working through the soundhole.

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