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Thread: Revival: The Sam Bush Story

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    Default Revival: The Sam Bush Story

    This can now be easily rented for streaming (or bought outright) through this Vimeo Link.

    An important and well-deserved documentary on the great Sambo.

    "I think he is on the same level as Charlie Parker"
    John Cowan

    "I think Sam has influenced more mandolin players than I have"
    David Grisman
    But Amsterdam was always good for grieving
    And London never fails to leave me blue
    And Paris never was my kinda town
    So I walked around with the Ft. Worth Blues

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    Default Re: Revival: The Sam Bush Story

    I wonder what Sam Bush’s cut is on a $5 rental....

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    Default Re: Revival: The Sam Bush Story

    Nowhere close to what it should be

    I watched it when it was first released and really enjoyed it. I’ve never met the man, but he seems like the consummate professional, and so many of his peers like and respect him. Notice the hospital bracelet still on his wrist in the D’Addairio video recently featured on the home page...the man is a workhorse, in-addition to being supremely talented!

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    Default Re: Revival: The Sam Bush Story

    If you have amazon prime video, it’s free.

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    Default Re: Revival: The Sam Bush Story

    I certainly enjoyed this video. Great story that covers his life and musical legend.

    Anybody know what a-style Mando young Sam was playing early on? Even then he was slamming notes so powerful and precise.

    I agree with John Cowan,"It still hurts." when he was talking about NGR breaking up. Cowan's epic vocals and rock-solid,kickin' bass worked so well with everything Sam did.

    The phone call from Big Mon when Sam was recovering from surgery was a delightful highlight of
    the video for me. There are very few who can capture the cadence and vocal demeanor of Monroe like Sam.

    The strength of loving hands and hearts is an integral part of the story.

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