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Thread: McIlroy Mando-Gazouki

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    Default McIlroy Mando-Gazouki

    was wondering if anyone owns or has played one, im intrigued , i may have to pay him a visit

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    Default Re: McIlroy Mando-Gazouki

    It's an odd shape for sure. But Dee is an awesome builder (check my recent thread of my tenor guitar he made in the tenor section (GDGD tune thread)

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    He was on about it on Facebook in fact. Unless that was another 8 string
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    Personally I prefer mandolin shaped mandolins and mandolas. For quite a few years there seems to be a move towards making everything guitar shaped.

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    Default Re: McIlroy Mando-Gazouki

    I notice that they don’t (can’t?) supply a case with the instrument. Is the next question going to be “Where can I get a case for .......”?

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