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Thread: Seagull S8 Owners Thread

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    I've been playing one for around 10 months now. It took me a long time to decide between the S8 and a cheap bowlback. I bought it for playing baroque and classical music. The looks attracted me to it more than the sound. The action was set very high and with low frets I found playing it to be uncomfortable. I said to the shop I'd buy it if they could lower the action and it felt good to play (if it still didn't feel good I would be under no obligation to buy) and they agreed to do it. I changed the strings to some TI medium flats which feel and sound so much better than the stock strings. The sustain is a double-edged sword: some pieces of music, particularly those written for other instruments but suited to the mandolin (e.g. El Noi de la Mare) sound better using a blend of double stops and single picks, allowing some notes to ring, rather than employing a tremolo technique. Whereas other pieces would benefit from a faster decay, bearing in mind that baroque and classical for mandolin was written for an instrument exhibiting that quintessential quality. The low frets are no longer an issue since the shop did do a top job of filing the saddle down (I would have messed it up for sure!), but I would have preferred higher frets to a low saddle. I'm sure I'll get a bowlback at some point but I'll wait til I'm a competent player first.

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