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Thread: RIP Tony Glover

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    Default RIP Tony Glover

    Not much to do with mandolins, but another great musician has left us.

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    Default Re: RIP Tony Glover

    Only Spider John left from Koerner, Ray & Glover. "Little Sun" wrote one of the best blues harmonica instruction books.

    Not only the originals leaving us, but now the first generation of the revivalists. Geez, it could make a person feel old...
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    Default Re: RIP Tony Glover

    Koerner Ray and Glover were favorites of mine back in the day 50 some years ago.

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    Default Re: RIP Tony Glover

    Living in the Twin Cities, I heard Koerner Ray & Glover many times. In the early 90's Tony (and I) dumped many of their gig's from horrible old reel to reel tapes onto better reel to reel tapes in the Southdale Library Media Lab. It was great listening to him talking about the places & songs they played.
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