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Thread: Caney Creek Company - New music + Farewell For Now

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    Default Caney Creek Company - New music + Farewell For Now

    I'm excited to announce the release of my band Caney Creek Company's second album! All tracks available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and others!

    I'm also sad to say we're taking a hiatus, as we're all starting families, pursuing careers and advanced degrees.

    This group is the reason that, over four years, I dove deep into the mandolin world -- honing my technique, interacting with the Cafe, and now repairing and building instruments. I'll still be here, working on new instrumental and solo stuff. But I'd like to leave you with a tune I wrote for this new album -- a song about fighting, cleverly disguised as an upbeat bluegrass number with a mandolin solo to top it off:

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    Default Re: Caney Creek Company - New music + Farewell For Now

    Thanks for the song - good luck in whatever directions y'all choose!

    Those who think they should think, like they think others think they should think, need to think out their thinking, I think.

    No envejecemos, maduramos. -Pablo Picasso

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