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Thread: Yet another pick thread, primetone small triangles

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    Default Yet another pick thread, primetone small triangles

    I recently discovered these on the Jim Dunlop website.

    I need a brighter pick than what BC seems to be able to give me. I know, wierd, but its the electric mando, acoustic mandos seem to like the darkest pick I can throw at them.

    Soo... long story short, the PT's give me the sound I want, and the smaller triangle size is cool, but I wish it was slightly bigger, and the big one is too large now. Basically I have gotten used to the midzsize TP.

    I feel like I am getting way too picky about this but they sure feel different to me. I am adjusting to the smaller triangle, it does feel like it gives me more control, but my fingers sometimes touch the strings because the pick isn't as long as I am used to.

    Pic of the various sizes attached, with the tortex for reference. The top row each one is slightly smaller as you go to the right. The blank one used to have PT 1.4 lettering on it, but I wore those off years ago.
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    Default Re: Yet another pick thread, primetone small triangles

    I don’t think you’re being picky, I discovered these recently. I like the small triangle too, I used to use a BC80 but I think the Dunlop sounds better on the TI strings. I also like the Red Bear pick as well.
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    Default Re: Yet another pick thread, primetone small triangles

    The Dunlop Primetone picks have become my main picks over the past year or so. I use both large and small triangles (depending on the mood), and also the semi-round picks if I want to bring out the softer (or "rounder") sound of my instrument. To my ears, the small triangle has a slightly brighter sound than the large triangle. I prefer the smooth ones to the model with the grip, except for the semi-round pick, where I think the grip model give you a bit more of an edge over the smooth model, which can be too mellow depending on the mandolin you're using. If the smooth pick slides between your fingers, try scratching the central area with a sharp object to create some kind of texture. I found this to be useful in keeping the pick in place.

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