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Thread: DFW luthier?

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    Default DFW luthier?

    Looking for recommendations for luthier in DFW to setup my mandolin. Not finding anything via Google so thought I would ask here.


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    Default Re: DFW luthier?

    I don't know of anyone in Dallas off the top of my head. There has to be someone out there, though. There are several well-known luthiers in Austin, TX.
    John Gathright is in Foreman, AR, which is probably about the same distance as Austin. I have a banjo friend who uses Gathright for repair work.

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    Default Re: DFW luthier?

    I agree with Walt on John Gathright. I have two of his builds and he has worked on MANY of my instruments over the years & I can highly recommend John for any procedure you might need, from minor to major. He is an authorized Martin repair person as well, and can do all warranted work on Martin. Good luck!

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    OK, thanks for the info.

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