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Thread: Lost or Stolen: Boeh F5 Mandolin

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    Default Lost or Stolen: Boeh F5 Mandolin

    A lost or stolen instrument notice has been posted on the Mandolin Cafe Classifieds:

    Ad #139547 posted Mon, 20 May 2019 14:40:50 CDT - This mandolin was stolen while on tour this morning. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks ...

    Those of you on social media please go to the ad in the Classifieds and share it out. More eyes that see these the better chance they have of being recovered.

    See full ad desciption...

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    Default Re: Lost or Stolen: Boeh F5 Mandolin

    Play it like you mean it.

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    Default Re: Lost or Stolen: Boeh F5 Mandolin

    Sorry to hear about that, that really stinks.

    When you talk to the police for the report, make sure the serial number is entered into NCIC database:
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