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Thread: Stepping up from the 1K bracket

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    Default Stepping up from the 1K bracket

    I have several nice mandolins ( Gibson A2, Fylde Lucetta , Morris F style , MM68 ) but I am wondering about the best move upwards in quality from where I am. I know that the better the mandolin the better you play ! I want an f style I think Thanks.

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    I am not sure of your budget, but two great choices which would be:
    Collings MT (A)
    Northfield F5S (F)

    An MT was my first really good mandolin. Many have come and gone, but the MT is like a Swiss Army Knife. It is great in any setting, and sounds and plays great. If you want an F style at roughly the same price point, the F5S is hard to beat. I got one about 3 months ago and I am really impressed. Quality, sound and playability are unequalled at this price.

    Enjoy the search, and play as many mandolins a possible.

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    What are you going to be playing? What can you afford to spend? Willing to buy in the US and cope with the import hassles? The two suggestions above are great mandolins, but I cringe at what an MT would cost in the UK.

    A somewhat more affordable mandolin would be a master series Kentucky, a 900 or up model, but I suspect you are at or near the cost of some of the UK builders, particularly if you play celtic or folk music. There is also a post in the Silverangel appreciation thread of someone in the UK having one of those built. I can highly recommend one as they would cover all the bases regardless of what you play. You might PM him for more detailed information.
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    Default Re: Stepping up from the 1K bracket

    Look at pre 1990 Flatiron instruments . Both the flatties and the arch tops are excellent. R/
    I love hanging out with mandolin nerds . . . . . Thanks peeps ...

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    Default Re: Stepping up from the 1K bracket

    I second the above post about 90's (and even later as long as its a US made one) Flatirons, there are some really killer A-5's that can be bought in the $1,000-2,000 range.

    As far as F-styles: I have heard good things about Kentucky KM1000 and KM1500's but I would recommend trying one before u buy if you go that route. The above mentioned Northfield NF5S are consistently awesome. The Weber Gallatin F or Ratliff Country Boy F5 could be good options if you don't need all the bling/fancy appointments and just want a great sounding F style at a good price. Good luck with your search!

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