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Thread: St. Cecilia's Waltz

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    Default St. Cecilia's Waltz

    One of my fiddler friends wrote a waltz a couple of years ago that we play on occasion, including last night as part of a birthday request from another band member. We don't actually "do" arrangements except some harmony fiddle, but it's an entertaining waltz and i thought i'd post it here, provided i can upload it.

    It's named St. Cecilia's Waltz for the patron saint of music and the composer is Lori Adams. Instrumentation is 2 fiddles, guitar, flute and mandolin. We recorded it on my cell phone from, dunno, 20 feet away. There's been no attempt at balance or editing.


    st. cecilias waltz uptempo (1).mp3
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    Default Re: St. Cecilia's Waltz

    I like it. Thanks for posting it. If you can share the tabs or the dots or the ABCs, I would like to learn it.
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    Default Re: St. Cecilia's Waltz

    Beautiful tune, Randi....thanks for posting!

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    Default Re: St. Cecilia's Waltz

    Nice tune

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