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Thread: K4 style Mandocello plan now available

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    Default K4 style Mandocello plan now available

    At this point in time I'm entering the finishing stage of my own Florentine Style Mandocello build. Which means that, although my build is not completed, I do have strings on it and was able to hear and tune the apertures.

    A lot of interest was expressed as if I would make my prints available and I just added them to my website store. Both, full size paper and PDF is available.

    The M'cello body is 15 1/2" wide x 21 1\2" long, sides are 4 1\8" with top & back plates, or 3 3\4" without them. It has a scale of 25 1\2" , has great response on the low and high end.

    Here's a link for all interested builders out there.

    Also my YT link part 18 of the build where I voice the Mandocello.

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    Default Re: K4 style Mandocello plan now available

    Sound sample of the Mandocello here.

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